Mortgages and Housing: One Chart, Helping Investors?, REO Rentals 20% of FC?, Mountainview, Kurland Likes Obama Refi, Bank Free Pass, Berliner on PMM, FNMA Loan Level Disclosure, RE Flood?, College Loan Delinquencies

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The One Chart That Shows Where AAPL and the (stock) Market Are Heading  – Charles High Smith – Of Two Minds
(does this seem right?) Speculators Who Inflated Property Bubble to Get U.S. Loan Help: Mortgages – By Prashant Gopal – hattip NDP – The Obama administration will extend mortgage assistance for the first time to investors who bought multiple homes before the market imploded, helping some speculators who drove up prices and inflated the housing bubble. Landlords can qualify for up to four federally-subsidized loan workouts starting around May, as long as they rent out each house or have plans to fill them, under the revamped Home Affordable Modification Program, also known as HAMP, … – Bloomberg

REO rental program to capture 20% of foreclosure pipeline – By Justin T. Hilley  – The Federal Housing Finance Agency’s REO rental program will capture 20% of the nation’s 7.5 million total foreclosure pipeline, according to analysts at Bank of America Merrill Lynch.Housingwire
MountainView: More second liens in marketplace – By Kerri Panchuk  – … Managing Director Derek Katz said the firm has traded several second-lien pools. "In the past 12 months, we traded over 15 second-lien pools that each had (unpaid principal balance) in excess of $25 million and cumulatively had (unpaid principal balance) of more than $2 billion. … – Housingwire

PennyMac’s Kurland Backs Obama’s Refi Program – Kate Berry – PennyMac’s Stanford L. Kurland has taken his share of criticism for helping to start the financial crisis. Now he is singing the praises of the government’s latest attempt to fix it. – National Mortgage News

No Mortgage Deal but Banks Get Free Pass – posted by Alan White – Credit Slips

The Troubled Primary Mortgage Market – Written by Bill Berliner    – Fixed Income Color   
Fannie Mae Provides Single-Family MBS Loan-Level Disclosure – PRNewswire – Fannie Mae FNMA -4.39%  today announced it has released at issuance loan-level data for its newly issued Single-Family MBS as part of its loan-level disclosures initiative. – Marketwatch
Real estate industry fears homes will flood market as prices rise – BY DAVID SLADE – Charleston Post and Courier

Report on college loan delinquency rate raises alarms – By Don Lee, Los Angeles TimesAs many as 1 in 4 borrowers was carrying a past-due student loan balance in the third quarter, a much higher delinquency rate than previously thought, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.


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