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  • Watch Vertigo Online, For those coming to our Client Appreciation Dinner, we reserved a block of reduced-rate rooms at the Palace Hotel.  You need to use this link to get the discount:

  • Consent Orders: To sign or not to sign, that is the question.  Here are some more responses from three bank CEO’s, one bank CFO and one non-executive Chairman:

“Rule number one - Don't Poke the Bear!  If you do, bad things will happen. What the FDIC will do next is to give the bank a "Notice of Charges".  Basically this Notice is given when the bank refuses to sign the Consent Order and the FDIC can do all kinds of bad things, including civil money penalties.   I don't know all of the details but it is bad.”

“It’s a sad state of affairs when you can’t be given fair access to due process without fear of post-appeal prejudice.  The fact that the FDIC has such a rigged appeals process is truly deplorable.  The justice system in this country treats murderers, drug dealers & rapists better. “

“There have been some situations where legal counsels advise their client banks not to sign the consent order. Download Vertigo for PDA, In those cases, the banks do not have any chance of survival if they follow the order. One of the cases I remember was to raise capital in an incredibly short period of time, like 30 days. Distinguishing those cases, I believe working with regulators is always the best solution.”

“By not signing the proposed Consent Order, the bank is risking inviting a harsher response from the regulators, and it will probably be harder to get out from under the order in the future.”

  • Is there a more iconic American name than Rockefeller?  And doesn’t it seem weird when you read that Rockefeller Group is now owned by Mitsubishi Estate Co.?  MEC is Japan 's second-largest real-estate developer, and in 1989 it bought out the Rockefeller Group in New York, the developer and owner of Rockefeller Center.

  • Question:  Which U.S, Watch Vertigo Online. Senator once posed for a nude centerfold?  Answer: No, it wasn’t Diane Feinstein or Barbara Boxer, Download Vertigo for BlackBerry. It was Scott Brown , the Senator from Massachusetts .  Then 22-year old Brown won Cosmo’s “ America ’s Sexiest Man” contest and appeared in the June 1982 issue.

And no, this isn’t some sort of Photoshop joke.  And while we’re at it, Download Vertigo HQ, aren’t you glad that Brown’s predecessor, Teddy Kennedy, never posed nude?

  • We mentioned that we do hedging model validations but not basic asset-liability models, and a number of you asked for recommendations. Plonsker Financial is a firm we think highly of, and you can contact Patricia Plonsker there at [email protected], Movie Vertigo Online. We’ve seen some of the work they’ve done for community banks and were impressed.

  • Watch Vertigo Online, What do you think about the FDIC suing four Indy Mac executives for hundreds of millions of dollars?  We think it’s wrong.  Management and the Board may have made poor decisions about credit quality, but is poor business judgment essentially a crime. And if it is, why not sue every OTS examiner-in-charge who gave them a good CAMELS ratings when things were going well?

  • Oh, no, they’ve made a remake of I Spit on Your Grave!  Some 30 years ago, Download Vertigo Movie, I asked Michelle Reece if she’d like to go see a movie or something.  I was in grad school and she was a senior at Cal ,  and she suggested we go see this new indie film called I Spit On Your Grave.  There were two parts of the movie:  (1) The first half was about this woman who rents a cabin in the woods one weekend and is raped and brutalized by five backwoodsmen for a full 45 minutes.  (2) After being left for dead in the woods, the next 45 minutes show her tracking down each one of her rapists and killing them one at a time in the most brutal ways imaginable.  Don’t even ask.  I went out with Michelle a few more times, and she always wanted to see horror movies, which was pretty weird.   I wonder whatever happened to her.  Anyway, don’t go see the remake of I Spit on Your Grave, Download Vertigo, especially on a first date.  

  • If you watched Hawaii Five-0 last week, the bank robbery was right there in the lobby of one of our clients, Pacific Rim Bank. Very cool.  They even used Paul Vella, Download Vertigo HD, the head of commercial lending, as a teller in the robbery scene. Book ‘em, Dan-0. 

By the way, whatever happened to Chin Ho. Did he get dumped in favor of the cute Chinese detective?

  • A mortgage trader sent us his All-Star team of players the Cleveland Indians have traded away: (Catcher)  Victor Martinez, Watch Vertigo Movie Online, (1B)  Jim Thome, (2B) Brandon Phillips, (SS) Johnny Peralta, (3B) Kevin Kouzmanoff, Download Vertigo IPOD, (OF) Ryan Ludwick, (OF) Manny Ramirez, (OF) Franklin Gutierrez. “But the real kicker is at pitcher, as the Indians will forever live in infamy as the only team in history to not only have back-to-back Cy Young winners in CC Sabathia and Cliff Lee….but to also trade them both away the year after they won the award.  And just to add insult to injury, they actually drafted Tim Lincecum in 2005, but didn’t sign him.  And for all this….the GM just got promoted to team president.”

  • A huge percentage of mortgage company presidents started out as loan officers, and we occasionally see some who have a hard time letting go.  It’s not an opinion so much as an observation, but we see very few successful companies over $30-40 million a month where the president still originates loans.  If you’re running a company of any size and still doing loans, you should probably stop doing so.

  • Steve Dobratz, the CFO of Farmers Bank keeps saying that he really wants me to buy me a red beer, which he says is beer mixed with tomato juice.  It sounds disgusting, doesn’t it, Watch Vertigo Online. Do you people in Kansas really drink it, or is he just pulling my leg?

  • Here’s a good number to track:  Take the number of units you close each month and divide it by the number of non-sales people on payroll.  We see highly profitable companies close 9-10 units per employee.  We like this because lots of people won’t calculate their cost-to-originate, and while that should be simple, Download Vertigo for iPod, this calculation is even easier.

  • When you do calculations like units-per-employee, don’t get too focused on the actual number.  Do focus on trends.

  • The Dartmouth Alumni Association is promoting an 11-day cruise of the Baltic nations, and guess who the tour guides and lecturers are?  (1) Prof. Sergei Khrushchev, Watch Vertigo Online, (2) Lech Walesa, and (3) Mikhail Gorbachev. This would be like getting to spend 11 days with Abe Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, and Robert E, Download Vertigo 1080p. Watch Vertigo Online, Lee. The rooms on the cruise boat range from $7,295 to $14,895, and it might be worth it!

  • When Tony Curtis died a few weeks ago, Download Vertigo DVD, very little was written about his philanthropy.  I was in one of the only synagogues left in Budapest once, and there was a sign in front stating that the entire cost of restoring it came from American actor Tony Curtis. Very cool.  Although everyone loved his role in Some Like it Hot, his best role may have been as the sycophant P.R. hack in The Sweet Smell of Success.

Here he is with Burt Lancaster, Download Vertigo AVI, who played a powerful newspaper columnist patterned after Walter Winchell.  It’s worth renting.

  • The October 9 issue of Time had an interview with the Prime Minister of China. When they asked him what books he’s reading these days, he mentioned Marcus Aurelius and Adam Smith, Watch Vertigo Online. The head of a Communist nation reading Adam Smith??  Next thing you know, he’ll be reading Von Mises and Hayek.  Too many people read Hayek’s Road to Serfdom and think that the most benign social program automatically leads to a police state, and while it shouldn’t be taken that literally, it’s still one of the most important books ever written on politics, economic justice and the societal organization.

And speaking of great literature, don’t you sometimes think you could spend the rest of your life just reading trashy books about celebrities and movie stars?  Kitty Kelly’s books are great fun, and her tell-all book on Sinatra was the best. There were some good ones on Elvis, and Errol Flynn’s autobiography (“My Wicked, Wicked Ways ”) was a classic.  Next up for me is Russell Brand’s autobiography. I can barely wait.
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