Markets Related: Dollar Bounce, Mary gets $8.9m, Gold vs. USTs, China, Steep Long End, B of A as Example

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How to Play the Coming Dollar Bounce – By Larsen Kusick, analyst, Phase 1 Investor – Everyone should be happy. The market just had the best September in decades. And so far, October looks great. … The only thing that hasn’t gone up is the U.S. dollar. It’s down nearly 8% since the start of September. Take a look… The dollar has taken a beating. Now, it’s due for a big pop. …The Growth Stock Wire



(nice job) – Mary Schapiro, Whose Pay Was Benchmarked To CEOs Of Investment Banks And The NYSE, Received A Farewell Payment From FINRA Of $8,985,334.02 – Tyler Durden – Zero Hedge



Gold Vs. Treasuries – Which Do You Believe? – Michael Pento – Forbes Blogs



U.S. Treasuries 10- to 30-Year Yield Spread at Record on Outlook for Fed – By Paul Dobson and Wes Goodman – … “You’re getting this artificial push in the 5s and 10s, while the longer end is not likely to be that much of a beneficiary” from bond purchases by the Fed, said Sean Maloney, a fixed-income strategist at Nomura International Plc in London. “If there is a mindset that the Fed will be successful, inflation expectations start to build up, and that’s also reflected in the long end.” … – Bloomberg



How The Global Currency War Could Create Even Larger Chinese Asset Bubbles – Vincent Fernando, CFA – The China Securities Journal has warned in a front page editorial that the global currency war, whereby nations are engaged in a game of competitive currency devaluation, could spark even further Chinese inflationMoney Game at Business Insider




Long End of the Yield Curve Keeps Getting Steeper – The biggest question regarding a second round of quantitative easing by the Fed is increasingly concerning when rather than if.  As a result, the shape and steepness of the yield curve is becoming artificially distorted – Bespoke Investment Group 



(this could be any large bank) Bank of America has $2.3 trillion in assets but $956 billion of that is made up in loans. Think those loans are valued at current market levels? The FDIC would have a challenge even breaking up one too big to fail bank. – … Bank of America currently has a market cap of $132 billion.  Let us assume that the loan portfolio is overvalued by 15 percent.  That means we are talking about an overvaluation of $143 billion, enough to wipe out the current market cap.  T … – MyBudget360

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