The Problems With ZIRP and Printing Money – 3 Posts

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(thoughtful, lots to read about housing and leverage) Is 2012 a Reprise of 2008? – Charles Hugh Smith – Politicos declare the debt crisis is fixed and an imploding housing market is "contained," central banks flood the market with liquidity–hmm, does this remind anyone else of 2008? – Of Two Minds

NEEL KASHKARI: Don’t Worry, The Fed’s Morphine Drip Will Continue To Drip Drip Drip Into 2014 – Mamta Badkar – … "Every time the Fed tries to back away from their massive, easing policy, the risk markets react. We saw that last week with the FOMC minutes. This is …like a morphine drip. You give morphine to the patient, it makes the patient feel better, it doesn’t cure the underlying disease. The moment you try to take the morphine away the patient wakes up horrified in a lot of pain." "And so I think risk markets are getting addicted to this easy money policy …Business Insider

Fed May Extend Support Past 2014, Official Says – By BINYAMIN APPELBAUM – Janet L. Yellen, the vice chairwoman of the Federal Reserve, said Wednesday that the lackluster trajectory of the economic recovery might require the Fed to continue its efforts to bolster growth even beyond the end of 2014.NY Times

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