Mortgage Nuts and Bolts: Duration Risk and HELOC Resets, Burkey Loan, Servicing is Cheap, Negotiating Broker’s Fee, Rick Sharga 5 Questions

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(duration risk and HELOC resets) The Hidden Bank Time Bomb: Interest Rate Risk – Yves Smith – … Tom Adams added another cheery thought via e-mail: There is also a coming problem for HELOC borrowers – these loans will reset from interest only payments to principal and interest payments in the not too distant future. The HELOC interest only period was typically around 10 years, so that would put the reset dates in 2-3 years for a big chunk of bank portfolio HELOCs.  …Naked Capitalism
(The Burkey Loan) Carpe Aquam Capital Develops No Cost Solution for Housing/Mortgage Crisis – Press Release: Carpe Aquam Capital LLC – Yahoo Finance

(this is great) The Opportunity In Mortgage Servicing Rights – Lane Olafson – Seeking Alpha 
(consumer info) Good Luck Trying to Negotiate Mortgage Broker’s Fee – Jack Guttentag – “I refinanced last year and negotiated the fee I paid the mortgage broker. Now, I want to refinance again to take advantage of lower rates, and my broker tells me that the arrangement we had last time is no longer possible under new rules. He says that his fee is set beforehand and that there is no way he can change it. That fee would be twice as much as I paid him last time, and may change my mind about doing the deal. Is he being straight with me?” … more – The Mortgage Professor

(answers 5 questions) Rick Sharga Considers The Changing State Of Mortgage Banking – by Phil Hall – MortgageOrb


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