Rent or Buy?, MBS on TRACE, , PIMCO Trims MBS, MBA Projections, States Pension Problems, Falling HO Rate, Sacramento, Title Insurance, Lender Overlays


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(required reading for anyone considering buying a house) Should you rent, or should you own?OC Housing News 

(TBA MBS to go TRACE) FINRA adds transparency to TBA mortgage bond deals – Posted by jgaffney – … FINRA said its Trade Reporting and Compliance Engine (TRACE) is now releasing the TBA transaction information, which includes the CUSIP, time of transaction, price, size and other related information. … – Housingwire


PIMCO flagship fund raises Treasury holdings, trims mortgages – (Reuters) – PIMCO Total Return Fund, which is run by Bill Gross and ranks as the world’s largest mutual fund, increased its exposure to U.S. government debt while continuing to trim mortgage holdings in October
(details) MBA makes mortgage projections for year 2013 – By Jim Woodard Creators Syndicate Inc. – Sioux City Journal 
(drill baby drill) The Pension Problem Numbers – Posted by Tom Lindmark – … Just a few minutes but I did want to note this article from US News. It’s as good a short compendium of the crisis in state pensions and naturally state budgets as you will find. The following excerpt describes perfectly how dire a situation the various states face … – But Then What Blog
(Stabilizing) Falling homeownership rate and the housing marketSober Look Blog – Some readers have been asking how one can reconcile positive signs in the housing market with declining rates of homeownership … 
Sacramento October House Sales: Conventional Sales up 55% year-over-year – by Bill McBride – Calculated Risk 
Lenders, title insurers find new ways to delay or kill mortgages – By Lew Sichelman – … If that date of the lien is before the day the mortgage is closed, the lien, not the mortgage, is in the first position. As a result, some title agencies are not writing policies unless the borrower can put a much higher level of net worth behind the indemnification, Temme says. And some are not accepting any indemnification at all. Meanwhile, otherwise good loans are being rejected by lenders that confuse rescoring with credit repair. They are not the same. … – LA Times
How Lender Overlays Prevent Mortgages – Amy Fontinelle – … This article first details what lender overlays are. It then explains how you, as a borrower, can improve your chances of getting a mortgage despite lender overlays. … – SF Chronicle 

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