HURT-ME-MOR Ski Trip Invitation – Park City – March 6-10, 2013


This is the legendary networking opportunity of the century, year 27. See you there.   BC

2013 HURT ME MOR – ‘La Nada’

Who Knew?

TO: All Ski Trippers – WE’RE BACK!

FROM: Dave and Jeff

DATE: March 6th – 10th 2013

SUBJECT: Sandy, Nor’Easter, and Snow Storms aplenty

Ahhhhh! Winter is BACK and so are the Boys! Dave, Jeff, Dwayne and Guido. Of course Dwayne and Guido are bunking up with Dave and Jeff, since they have no power, no phones, no heat and NO JERSEY SHORE.

So exactly what is going on with Nino’s, Nina’s and finally they get it right, La Nada. Doesn’t nada mean ‘nothing’? Don’t tell me Al Gore invented La Nada as well? Ever heard of it? It’s right up there with the Derecho that hit DC in June, another Al Gore discovery.

So, back to La Nada, according to NASA’s Bill Patzert, who unlike Al Gore, actually studied meteorology, said this about La Nada, “With La Nada, it’s like teenagers without rules. It’s unconstrained and unpredictable,” Patzert said. La Nada years can coincide with the most troublesome of weather. WHO KNEW Patzert was actually talking about our group? So BRING IT ON!!! Hurt Me Mor can definitely do ‘La Nada’ – maybe, we can even get a new salsa dance named La Nada cooked up before next March. We’ll check with Chris Kondracki that never met a dancing blow up doll he didn’t like…

Speaking of ‘unconstrained and unpredictable’ – in the spirit of ‘Imitation is the highest form of flattery’ – the Mortgage Bankers Association and the Information Mortgage Network (IMN – Fabozzi) have decided, SEPARATELY, mind you, to have ‘ski conferences on the same dates as Hurt Me Mor. The first shot across our bow would be the MBA’s ‘absorbing’ of the Depends Party AKA Mid-Winter Housing Conference. With emphasis on the super absorption pad…the Depends Party will be moving from Park City to Beaver Creek (no pun intended). Fabozzi is starting a new conference in Vail at the same time, but only for the first 50 sign ons and $2100++… Hmmmmm, save for the 5-6 X price, sounds vaguely familiar to a Hurt Me Mor Wannabe with originals in Vail, Colorado 24 YEARS AGO – good luck with that! Like Democrats and Republicans, there are significant differences in OUR AGENDA’s. First of all – Our First General Session is a Marg party next to the pool in the Atrium AFTER a full day of skiing. Both of the others will last more than half of the first day of skiing. Our Opening Comments will be during breakfast and center on which area from the nearly 10 to choose from, had the most snow from the previous champagne powder dump the night before and last roughly 5 minutes. Their opening sessions will require business attire and last most of the morning focused on discussions surrounding the deals the Hurt Me Mor attendees will be closing while making first tracks in chest deep powder. Not that Jeff and I are biased, but after 26 years, this is not our first rodeo in Utah. And just which hotel manager will the MBA or the IMN / ABS attendees get to throw in the pool? Ask yourselves… To Ski or Not to Ski, that is your question…

So did everyone have a good time at Howl at the Moon? At least those of you that got in…For those of you that had to wait in line or gave up, you have our sincerest apologies. That will be our last visit to the Moon, save for any personal MOONS at the MOON, we may want to make during the next visits to Chicago. Next year the MBA is in my hood. For those new to the DC experience, there are no rules. Bob Bodell and I will put together plans for next October’s reunion in the reprised venue of many ‘moons’ ago where some unnamed Ski Trippers were still reveling at 8:30 the next morning. If the crowd is 400 or 800 like last year’s Moon at the Moon Party in Chicago, all will be welcomed without the line – but we’ll get to that later…

OK – the elections are over and did everyone get what they wanted on November 6th? Let’s see: No new Non-Agency RMBS’s – check; Increased regulations as promised – check; No overages to the originators – check; and Lower interest rates purchased by the Treasury – big check…what’s not to like? FHA’s, VA’s, and Conforming deals, OH MY! If you have any Fannie or Freddie Preferred Stock serving as wall paper in your basements, get out your hairdryers and start pealing those shares off the wall. In four more years, you may get some money. They’re coming back, too.

Before we get to it…Jeff and I must be the bearer of some sad news received about long time and fellow ski trippers. With heavy hearts, we need tell all of you, that good friend, JACK RODGERS, had a heart attack and died at the young age of 50 on Thursday, October 25th. He will be missed by all of us and an education fund has been established by his widow, Becky, for their two sons, John and Charlie – Sun Trust Bank, care of Ann Guanci, for the benefit of the Rodgers Children Education Fund.

We are also very saddened to tell all that Scott ‘Scooter’ Allen lost his beloved, Brenda, on Tuesday morning, November 13th. Please send your thoughts and prayers to the entire Allen family: Scooter, Kari, Eric and Alisha. To send a note go to – Brenda Allen or to Scott’s home address at 3523 Twin Lake Ridge, Westlake Village, CA 91361.

There are never enough words to express our sincere condolences…RIP Jack and Brenda!

As only Jack and Brenda would want it – TIME TO GET FIRED UP!!!

Dateline – Alta – November 13th Wasatch Weather Report – 5 FEET and opening on the 16th!!! Sadly for Vail, it is 41 degrees and partly cloudy. Ahhhhh, too bad. And yes, we have word from RICK LEE that once again he is on his deck with shovels and waist deep snow. As for KEN PORTZ, we hear he was picked for a remake of the Shining, which is being filmed in his Durango backyard. It seems as if the Maze Hedge he built during retirement caught the eyes of one admiring director, Stephen King. Like Nicholson, Portz is ageless and will play the lead. He is already feverishly training, as his absence last year did not go unnoticed.

OK – Let’s get to it…

First thing, NOW is the time to send us your money and guarantee your spot. Park City rooms are always scarce in early March, so don’t get left out.

DATES: This year, we are again offering two reservation options. The official dates of the trip are: Option 1 – Wednesday, March 6th, Thursday the 7th, Friday the 8th, Saturday the 9th and check out Sunday, the 10th; Option 2 – will start with a Thursday, the 7th check-in.

LOCATION: Park City Marriott, Prospector Square

FEES: $795.00 for Option 1 – 5 days and 4 nights (starting Wed); $695.00 for Option 2 – 4 days and 3 nights (starting Thur)

Reminder: We must hear from you ASAP to guaranty your space.

2013 EVENTS:

Check into the Marriott on Wednesday or Thursday with skiing on your own Thursday at Snowbird, Snowbasin, Alta, PC, or Deer Valley.

Wednesday evening – Welcome Back Reception at Flanagan’s on Main Street –

Thursday evening – Annual Margarita Party in the Marriott Pool Atrium after skiing. Dave and Jeff will be tending and mixing!

Friday – Skiing will be at Snowbird or Alta, or maybe both if you purchase the combo ticket. Most certainly some will opt for Deer Valley and shredders to the Canyons. Depending on best in class conditions we will make the call Thursday night. Like past years, we will leave a message with the front desk of the hotel.

As always, and unlike Vail, other options are plentiful…Solitude, Park City, Sundance and with a little hike, Snowbasin or Powder Mountain, where you may find yourself as one of only a few on the hill.

Friday Evening – Welcome Back Party at the Marriott – Anyone interested in sponsorship, please give Dave or Jeff a call.

Saturday – During the day, we will feature our flagship event, The Annual Race and Fiesta @ Deer Valley. For those of you new to Hurt-Me-Mor, the race is a blast with lunch and drinks provided slope side. Add a little sunshine and a few laughs when Dave takes a header trying to keep up with Heidi Volker, it’s always a great day at the Deer Valley Beach.

The Awards Dinner and Cocktail Party will follow Saturday night at the hotel with memorable shots from the slope accompanied by shots of Patron or Don Julio on the ShotSki.

Sunday – Sadly all good things must come to an end – check out will need to happen on Sunday morning with an optional day of skiing at your leisure or time to attend to your recovery from any unexpected hangovers.

ACCOMODATIONS: Been here before, then you know the drill — scroll down. Newbies, pay attention. We are staying at the Park City Marriott. Each room has 2 double queen beds, meaning that you will probably have a roommate. If you like to play prison, you’re in for a treat. Ask any of the previous inmates. If you fly solo, it gets a lot more expensive and is subject to availability, not to mention Dave and Jeff’s mood swings. If flying solo, we MUST hear from you ASAP. If you have a roommate in mind, make that call as well, or we will make it for you.

PHONE NUMBER AND UPDATES: Most of you know the process, if you see any wrong numbers (including yours), employers, emails, fax numbers, high maintenance candidates, etc. or if you know anyone who feels slighted by never being invited or they recently left the circus, PLEASE LET US KNOW at the email addresses and phone numbers reflected below.

LAST SHOTS: Hopefully, this newsletter finds you at the same phone number, fax number, email, or friendly with someone whose numbers are intact. We will post this newsletter as well as provide updates on the Mortgage Bankers Ski Trip and Coppedge websites (

( you can call Dave, Jeff, or Copp to get up to speed.

Hope to see you in Park City on the 7th of March. As always space is limited and we fill up every year and this one will be no exception. Please send your $$$$$ – $795.00 for option 1 or $695.00 for option 2 ASAP, NOW, TODAY, NOT TOMORROW to Dave or Jeff at either of the below referenced addresses. Jeff and I would like to avoid the sleazy, but highly effective collection techniques to guaranty your spot.

It is also a pretty good idea to check into flights as they, too, tend to book early. Delta and Southwest have many convenient non-stop flights in and out of Salt Lake and if you don’t mind connecting through Chicago or Denver, you can probably hit a bid on United.


Make checks payable to DAVE HURT OR JEFF MORAN

Dave Hurt                                               Jeff Moran

9405 Kentsdale Drive                         323 Jersey Street

Potomac, MD 20854                            Denver, CO 80220

Off: 301-365-0407                               Off: 303-493-3383

Cell: 202-437-5235                             Home: 303-377-4339

Home: 301-365-7374

EM1:                     EM:


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