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Originator compensation FAQ; BofA, SunTrust, PNC, Fifth Third earnings; Commercial real estate bonds rallying

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It’s Friday, so why not throw in something unrelated to mortgages? Anyone in a really cold climate and even those not, will find this pretty neat:  BoilingWaterInstantSnow
The Jonas Brothers help lock down the top spot for an affluent neighborhood? JonasRealEstate
“I went to the butchers the other day and I bet him $50 that he couldn’t [...]

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Mortgage company earnings continue; Freddie & Fannie conjecture; Realtors & settlement cost input

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Some would say that the winning bid for this website domain name represents the change in mortgage lending in the last 5 years: OPTIONARMS
And here is one quote that I received recently which also represents what many seem to feel. “I love my job but it’s really the industry I dislike right now.”
Companies in the [...]

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Earnings from Wells, Goldman, USB; 25 bp servicing going away? Freddie eliminates streamline refi program

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Terrorists are now planting bombs in cans of alphabet soup. If one of them explodes it could spell disaster!
Of course, everyone in mortgage banking is hoping that 2011 is not a disaster. Remember - borrowers still borrowed money even when rates were in the high teens. That being said, not only did Freddie Mac recently [...]

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The Garrett, Watts Report (January 15, 2011)

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American Banker just reported that nine pages of JP Morgan Chase’s 10-Q deals with litigation. Nine pages??  Lawyers there are dealing with foreclosure investigations, mortgage repurchases, lawsuits against Bear Stearns, and everything else possibly related to the financial crisis.  And get this, Bank of America spent a mind blowing $1.2 billion on legal costs for [...]

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