Calculators & Consumer Real Estate

Dollar Purchasing Power
Mortgage Professor Calculators
Mortgage-X Calculators
FNMA Homepath

Housing DataPlace - type in your zipcode Hugh’s Mortgage calculators Mortgage Calculators
Jeacle Mortgage calculators
Loan amortizer - by Decision Aid
Martindale Mortgage calculalators
Martindale’s 15000 calculators

Consumer RE Tools
Circle Lending – Family Members Salary Calculator
Homestore salary calc 2 towns
CB home price compare
Yahoo R.E. House prices
Mortgage-X - 2500 Lenders
Mortgage-X Mortgage Library
MSN home value
Homegain appraisal
iPlace credit stuff
CBS Mktwatch
CBS Street Search
CBS Single Home Search
CBS Price Range Search
EPA Echo - your zip code
EPA VZIS hazard checker
EPodunk demographic 25k towns
Find Your Spot -best place 2live
Homestore Home Price Apprec.
House Price Calculator from OFHEO
Real Time Rate Search
Satellite pix your house - Terrafly
Domania home price check

Mistakes by 2020 insight
Mortgage Professor
MyFico - factors used for score
NAMP Top 10 List
Papers: Escrow (Allied R. E.)
Papers: Close Costs EF Moody
WSJ Home Sales Trends Articles

Real Estate News Real Estate News
NY Times Real Estate
Realtor Magazine Daily News
Realty times
S.F. Chronicle Real estate
Wall Street Journal Real Estate

Washington Post Real Estate
Yahoo Real Estate

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