News Clips for Wednesday August 15, 2007

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News Clips for Wednesday August 15, 2007 Diane Swonk, Paper on Instability, Expensive Commuting, Bye First Time, FN Asks - Gets NO, Nouriel Roubini, DBRS, DEC Shakes, Ben Jones, Larry Kudlow, Bank Stocks, Cramer, 1998 and Now, Catch 22, PPT Overtime


Consumer Spending will not Collapse in Face of Housing Correction - Diane Swonk's Themes on the Economy ------------ New CEPR Paper Looks at the Factors Leading Up To the Recent Instability of the Housing and Stock Markets - "Midsummer Meltdown: Prospects for the Stock and Housing Markets". - CEPR ------------ Housing Trends - America's Most Expensive Commutes - In these 10 cities, commuting costs eat up almost a fifth of household expenses - Forbes ------------ Good-Bye First-Time Home Buyer! and Month in Review, August 2007 - John Burns RE Consulting ------------ 1. Fannie Mae Wants Higher Mortgage Cap - Forbes 2. OFHEO STATEMENT - not going to increase limits yet - OFHEO 3. Bush: No B&C Bailout housingwire ------------ NOURIEL ROUBINI’S INSIGHTS INTO THE CURRENT MARKET TURMOIL: WE ARE FACING A “FUNDAMENTAL DEBT, CREDIT AND INSOLVENCY CRISIS”, NOT JUST A LIQUIDITY CRUNCH - Nouriel Roubini's Blog ------------ DBRS Publishes Report: “U.S. RMBS Predatory Lending – Statutory Provisions and Assignee Liability” DBRS ------------ DC Area - Area's Big Financiers Brace for 'a Serious Shakeout' - Washington Post ------------ well written but not for the faint of heart - This Is Not A Normal Event by Ben Jones - housing bubble blog ------------ Hope from Larry Kudlow - Will Main Street Bail Out Wall Street? - The Wall Street brainiacs are panicked about sub-prime mortgages and the current stock-market correction. But Main Street investors -- with their plentiful incomes and longer-term stock market horizons -- may ultimately bail them out. ------------ Subprime woes are hurting all bank stocks USA Today ------------ Cramer After Lockhart Now - Business Law Prof Blog ------------ What the Fed Did in 1998 and What is Different Now - The Foreign Exchange Market ------------ FOMC Caught In a Catch-22 - Thomas Kee submits: A rate cut by the FOMC is now expected. This would be a proactive step by the FOMC in my opinion, but a risky one. It may not even work because rate cuts take a while to impact the economy, and the recent increases in rates in the credit markets were based on risk assessment, not anticipated changes in rates. seeking alpha ------------ Home Price Indexes Show No Relief - By IndexUniverse Staff ------------ The “Plunge Protection Team” working Overtime, by Gary Dorsch, Editor - sirchartsalot

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