2009 Hurt Moran Mortgage Ski Trip Invitation

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This is a great way to make contacts in the mortgage business. 

It is always well attended.

I have made many great contacts over the years through this trip - (BC)


2009 HURT ME MOR Ski Trip
‘Under Duress’ – Not her dress!

TO:        All Hurt Me Mor Skiers employed or not
FROM:    Dave and Jeff
DATE:    December 2008
SUBJECT:    Ski Trip March 4th – March 8th, 2009

Tis the end of the Bull Run of the business as we knew it
Twenty five years of fun followed by two with a big hit
The traders have vacated traditional income Fixed
To Hedge Funds created instead of being deep sixed

Even as companies and places must change
The players are the same as the biz tries to rearrange
If buying distressed, makes you depressed
Then make FHA loans, for a few extra bones

We’ve seen some bad markets through our years on the trip
We ALWAYS bounce back, so don’t lose your grip
As we said last year when we saw loans disappear
“It’s still a flesh wound…” with resumes slightly impugned

On Frank, On Dodd, Pelosi and Barrack
Don’t force cramdowns, we would rather have loans that lock
We quit making subprime, Alt A’s and Jumbo’s
Just mostly FHA’s in this year’s mortgage gumbo

Just like last year, some things persevere
Like Hurt Me Mor Ski Trips, so come with no Fear
To Park City next March with skis, boots and poles
Come ski with us, in the stashes of fluff filled holes

Unfortunately it’s December and your trip checks are now due
Just like a special servicer, we’re collecting from the few
Who despite the hard times, are still looking for some fun
In always dependable powder with great friends on the same run

Like Death and Taxes it’s the Ski Trip payment time
For all of you still reading this Hurt Me Mor rhyme
Send us your checks as fast as you can
We’ll do our part to make you a fan

DATELINE – December 11, 2008:

Alta and Snowbird had their 2nd earliest openings ever.  With its 3rd storm of 4 feet or more headed this weekend, we can expect another great year.  Not sure if any Nino’s or Nina’s are at work, but who cares as long as we have powder in March.

Last year’s trip was a blast, with yet another impromptu Marg party on Saturday that many are still buzzing about, including management who turned up the heat in the pool and nearly jumped in to join us.  It’s been a while since we received threats if we did not turn down the “volume” of fun.  Special dispensation had been granted then as it will be this year given the market.  If you are not working, you need a long weekend to hang with all of us sharing in your misery.  If you are working, then you have no excuses, especially $$.   We will not be using any TARP money on this trip, so this trip will not constitute excess compensation.  

On to the trip biz…

For all of you who have been asking and wanting to send in your $$$, a thousand thanks for your persistence and patience.  NOW WOULD BE THE TIME. 

Here’s the detail ——

DATES:    This year, we are again offering two reservation options.  The official dates of the trip are:  Wednesday, March 4th, Thursday the 5th, Friday the 6th, Saturday the 7th and check out Sunday, the 8th.  We also will accommodate the requests for a Thursday, the 5th check-in.  The four day option only costs a little more $$, but you WILL get an extra day of some pretty damn good skiing, or dirtbagging, for all of you dark sliders.  Mother Nature is more than cooperating, and we have planned lots of fun.  So, call us, email us, or scream loudly, but most importantly, SEND $$$$.

LOCATION:    Park City Marriott, Prospector Square

FEES: $795.00  for Option 1 – 5 days and 4 nights (starting Wed);   $660.00  for Option 2 – 4 days and 3 nights (starting Thur) Reminder:  We need to hear from you ASAP to guaranty your room.

’09 EVENTS:    Check into the Marriott on Wednesday or Thursday with skiing on Thursday at Snowbasin or Snowbird. 

Thursday evening’s Margarita Party after skiing. 

Friday’s skiing will be at Snowbird or Alta, or maybe both if you purchase the combo ticket.  Depending on best in class conditions we will make the call Thursday night.  Like past years, we will leave a message with the front desk of the hotel.

As always, other options are always available…The Canyons, Park City, Deer Valley and with a little hike, Snowbasin, where you may find yourself as one of only a few on the hill.

Friday night’s event, Welcome Back Party – Anyone interested in sponsoring, please give Dave or Jeff a call.   

We are hoping that Saturday’s skiing will again feature The Annual Race and Fiesta @ Deer Valley.   With market conditions as they are, we are not positive that we have a sponsor for the Race, so please call us if you are interested in sponsorship.  For those of you new to Hurt-Me-Mor, the Race is a gas with lunch and drinks provided slope side.  Add a little sunshine and a few laughs when Dave takes a header trying to keep up with Heidi Volker, it’s a great day at the beach.

The Awards Dinner and Beach Party will follow Saturday night at the hotel with memorable shots from the slope and shots from Jose on the shotski. 

Check out will need to happen on Sunday morning with another day of skiing at your leisure and/or recovery from your hangover.  Guessing we will see you at the Starbucks counter in the AM.
ACCOMODATIONS:      Been here before?  Then you know the drill — scroll down.  New to the trip??  Pay attention.  We are staying at the Park City Marriott.  Most rooms have 2 double queen beds, meaning that you will have a roommate.  If you like to play prison, you’re going to love this trip.  If you fly solo, it gets a bit more expensive and is subject to availability not to mention Dave and Jeff’s mood swings.  If you have a roommate in mind, make the call, or we will for you. 

PHONE NUMBER AND UPDATES:      Most of you know the process, if you see any wrong numbers (including yours), employers, emails, fax numbers, high maintenance candidates, especially this year or if you know anyone who feels slighted by never being invited or they recently left the circus, PLEASE LET US KNOW ASAP.

LAST SHOTS:      Hopefully, this newsletter finds you at the same phone number, fax number, email, or friendly with someone whose numbers are intact.  We will post this newsletter as well as provide updates on the Mortgage Bankers Ski Trip website and Coppedge website - http://mortgagenewsclips.com 
OR you can call Dave, Jeff, or Copp to get up to speed.

Hope to see you in Park City the first week of March.  As always space is limited and we fill up every year and this one will be no exception. 

Please send your checks  - $795.00 for option 1 or $660.00 for option 2 ASAP, NOW, TODAY, NOT TOMORROW payable to Dave Hurt or Jeff Moran at the below referenced addresses.  Jeff and I would like to avoid the sleazy, but highly effective collection techniques to guaranty your spot.  If you send us a check and then decide that you cannot post, you will NOT receive a refund unless you find a suitable replacement.  The Replacement Committee does not include blow-up dolls or dead penguins in the definition of “suitable”. 
It is also a pretty good idea to check into flights as they, too, tend to book early.  Delta has many convenient non-stop flights in and out of Salt Lake and if you don’t mind connecting through Chicago or Denver, you can probably cut a pretty good deal on United.  Southwest is also a good option depending on your departure city. 


Make checks payable to DAVE HURT OR JEFF MORAN

Dave Hurt                                Jeff Moran
9405 Kentsdale Drive              458 Eudora Street
Potomac, MD  20854                Denver, CO  80220

Off:    301-365-0407                Off:  303-493-3383
Cell:    202-437-5235               Cell: 720-641-6259
Home: 301-365-7374              Home: 303-377-4339   

[email protected]        [email protected]

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