Markets and the Future: Julian Robertson, Bill Gross X 2, Trading Down, Deflation or Inflation?

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READ THIS: Julian Robertson’s Steepener Swap Play (Shorting US Treasuries) - Simply put, Julian Robertson is the definition of a hedge fund legend. And, his success is noted by the fortune he has amassed as he now graces the Forbes’ billionaire list. He has pioneered a successful investment methodology, he has generated outstanding returns at his famous hedge fund Tiger Management, and his influence has sprouted some of the most successful modern day hedge funds in the form of the ‘Tiger Cubs.’ And, most importantly, he predicted the financial crisis two and a half years ago in an interview with Value Investor Insight. When he talks, you listen. - MarketFolly 


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1.  Investment Outlook - Bill Gross - June 2009 - Staying Rich in the New Normal - … - Of one thing you can be sure however: over the next several decades, the ability to make a fortune by using other people’s money will be a lot harder. Deleveraging, reregulation, increased taxation, and compensation limits will allow only the most skillful – or the shadiest – into the Balzac or Forbes 400. …- PIMCO

2.  Gross Says Diversify From Dollar as Deficits Surge - Dakin Campbell - … said on May 21 the U.S. will “eventually” lose its AAA credit rating after Standard & Poor’s lowered its outlook on the U.K.’s AAA to “negative” from “stable” … While U.S. marketable debt is at about 45 percent of GDP, annual deficits of 10 percent will push the amount to 100 percent within five years, a level that rating companies and markets view as a “point of no return,” he wrote. … - Bloomberg



Trading Down Forever? - Alexandra Zendrian - Does the recession spell permanent changes for how America lives? Probably not, say our experts, as people will always shop. - Forbes



Deflation or inflation - read this - The Household Driven Deflation? - Posted by Tyler Durden - … It is our belief, that the next round will see defections by all those who have realized the Fed is now acting purely for its own, unitary interest. Politically destabilizing events like the parliamentary crisis in the UK, the IMF bailout of Eastern Europe, and others will only accelerate a wave of monetary backlash against the US. Then at some point the coincident dollar revaluation combined with the increasingly more trigger-happy bond vigilantes, and the consistently deleveraging consumer will expose the debt deflation for the mirage it was, and the equity market which has been in its own little world for way too long will finally get reacquainted with gravity … - Zero Hedge

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