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Part 2 of comp FAQ & answers; NAMB asks for 4/1 extension; Apps & home prices falling

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For some folks, including an ex-wife of a billionaire, $1 million a week is simply not enough. A $100 million house?
Something else that isn’t enough is mortgage applications in the U.S., which fell to their lowest level since November 2008. The weekly MBA figures showed that apps decreased 13% in the week ended Jan. 21, [...]

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Freddie & Fannie’s future delayed; More mortgage jobs; NMLS public comment; Part 1 of comp Q&A

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Don’t let this happen to you at the next mortgage conference:THOUSANDS PROTEST CORRUPTION
Maybe this person works for the Treasury Department, and the spill impacted the plans for Freddie and Fannie - which could be why the plans, which are “required” by the end of January per Dodd-Frank, have now been pushed back until mid-February. ”
Officials [...]

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Mortgage job openings, Lots of compensation updates, and Investor updates to start your week

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Bank of America spent $1.5 billion on legal fees in the last three months of 2010. Sometimes we have trouble imagining big numbers. In the US, our median household pretax income is about $50,000. If a household were to work for 300,000 years, it would earn $1.5 billion dollars. (300,000 years ago was about the [...]

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The Garrett, Watts Report (January 21, 2011)

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To Our Clients, Colleagues and Friends,

Smart Directors of failing banks should take copies of certain bank documents with them prior to the bank being seized. If they get sued by the FDIC, their attorneys will need them as part of their defense, but now, FDIC General Counsel, Mike Krimminger, says no, you can’t take them:  [...]

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