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1.  Stressing the Positive - By PAUL KRUGMAN - Hooray! The banking crisis is over! Let’s party!  O.K., maybe not. … What we’re really seeing here is a decision on the part of President Obama and his officials to muddle through the financial crisis, hoping that the banks can earn their way back to health. … - NY Times

2.  Tests May Spur Bank Mergers - NY Times

3.  Bank Exams Over, Wall Street Celebrates - By JACK HEALY - Big banks need to raise billions in new capital, and the economy lost 539,000 jobs last month. Grim news to some, but investors appeared not to mind. - NY Times

4.  Stress Tests Are Over. The Stress Isn’t. - GRETCHEN MORGENSON -  THE beginning of the end of the banking crisis or merely the end of the beginning? -  That is what inquiring Americans want to know after last week’s pronouncement that 10 of the nation’s biggest banks must raise $75 billion by November if regulators are going to give them a clean bill of health. - NY Times

5.  Stress Tests Prove a Sobering Idea - By ROB COX and RICHARD BEALES  - What’s the future of financial regulation? Legislators, regulators and bankers need not look too far for an answer. A somewhat functional blueprint may be under their noses in the form of the stress tests just completed on the 19 largest financial institutions…. These examinations forced regulators, including the Federal Reserve, Treasury, Comptroller of the Currency and others into unprecedented cooperation. And by comparing big financial institutions, regional banks, credit card issuers, auto financiers and Wall Street firms, regulators mitigated the Lake Wobegon effect — where everybody is above average. … - NY Times


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Banks Pass Stress Test - Regulators Fail Ethics Test - John P. Hussman, Ph.D -  … The “stress test” procedure also conveniently excludes any potential mark-to-market losses during 2009 and 2010, as banks “were instructed to estimate forward-looking, undiscounted credit losses …  Now, just think of this for a minute. …  we’re still looking at $7.8 trillion in total assets at risk in these banks, and despite being on the edge of insolvency only weeks ago, we are asked to believe that they will need less than 1% of this amount – $74.6 billion – of additional capital even in a worst case scenario. … - Hussman Funds



Stress-Test America - Michael Maiello - Homeowners need a short foreclosure ban and bankruptcy mortgage revisions, not more bank stock - Forbes



Stress Test Summary by Bank - Now, With Strong and Weak Separated, a Race to Raise Capital or Repay TARP - Robin Sidel - Wall Street Journal



BB&T to offer stock, cut dividend to repay gov’t - AP Yahoo

Stressing Fannie and Freddie - What Does It Mean? - Bruce Krasting - The stress test process disrupted the markets for several weeks … Unfortunately, the two largest financial institutions in the United States were able to avoid the rigors of the stress test. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac should be put under the same microscope as the commercial banks. 


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The Best and Worst Bailed-Out Banks - Rick Newman - US News

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