Economies and Markets: China, Keep Rates Low, Go Long, George Soros Institute, Contrarians on Dollar

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China’s 8.9% Growth? No Way - Gordon G. Chang - Beijing has spent its way to a sugar high. - Forbes



A Moment Too Soon After the Financial Crisis - By Brad DeLong - Examining the recovery paths of major industrial powers in the 1930s tells us that thoughts of reversion to normal policies — whether monetary, exchange rate, fiscal or banking — need to be delayed until global recovery to normal is nearly completed. -



Treasury is right to go long - Posted by: Rolfe Winkler - Timothy Geithner wants to lock in low rates for the government while he can, extending the maturity of Treasury debt to 72 months from 49, a 26-year low.  It’s a smart move — if he can pull it off.  To do so, he’ll have to increase longer-term issuance by 40 percent, to $600 billion … -  Reuters



Three cheers for the death of old economics - The orthodox mathematical model took no account of reality. The new George Soros institute should bring back some sanity - Anatole Kaletsky - … Physics, chemistry and biology use mathematical models to draw conclusions that are then tested against reality. If reality contradicts these tests, then scientists reject the models. Today’s academic economics reverses this process: if models disagree with reality, it is reality that economists want to change. … -


Contrarians Denninger, Dent, Faber and Hoye Looking for Dollar Rebound - Author: Mac Slavo -

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